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Tai Chi

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1. Respect the teacher and all students.

2. Bring a positive, learning attitude.

3. Arrive to class about 5 minutes before the start time to change and be ready to warm up. Please txt your instructor if you will be late, or you intend on missing a scheduled class.

4. All students are required to wear the Master Wong System T-shirt in class.

5. No arrogance or over aggressive behavior will be tolerated.

6. Senior students are expected to mentor junior students.

7. Make all monthly payments on time. If you use the school you are required to contribute to it.

8. Keep the school clean by cleaning up after every class.

9. Turn off all lights and energy consuming appliances after class or after private training.

10.  Have fun and learn as much as you can in every class.


Tai Chi is two different words, with two separate meanings. The word “Tai” means ‘Big’ or ‘Great’. “Chi” means the ‘ultimate energy’ or ‘great system’. Therefore, Tai chi is about generating energy through movement. While learning a great alternative to high impact exercise and improving fitness you will learn to cultivate healing energy and bridge the gap between mind, body and spirit. 

There are many benefits of Tai chi, the Master Wong Method of training focuses on good form and posture to gradually achieve improved health and strength. The ultimate goal is to master the harmony between the timing of the breath, the transfer of the weight and the position of the body. If the student can master this the movements of the limbs guide the circulation of the blood so that the tissues throughout the body can be repaired and cleansed more efficiently. The movements also lead the breath in and out of the lungs, so that more oxygen can be inhaled to nourish and energize the body and the poisons can be exhaled more effectively. Thus the movements of Tai chi are a discipline that balances and leads the automatic bodily processes so that they will function in a more beneficial way to achieve health and longevity.

The practice of Tai chi provides:

•    Peace and tranquility

•    Reduced stress

•    Improved concentration skills

•    Inceased awareness

•    Improved joint strength

•    Improved circulation and reduced blood pressure.

•    Improved balance and co-ordination

Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang is the most well known form of Tai chi and is widely practiced though out the world. This soft style can be identified by its slow controlled movements, even tempo and its focus on balance and weight transfer. An ideal alternative to high impact exercise especially for those interested in meditation and improving their overall health and longevity.

Chen Style Tai Chi

Chen is the original form of Tai chi developed and intended for use in combat. This style combines hard and soft and can be identified by its slow and fast changing tempo, low stances and focus on using the whole body together to generate power. Chen style form is for those who wise to advance in Tai Chi and learn skills, which can be used in self-defense.

If you thought that tai chi is only for those who wish to learn to relax and improve their health you would be wrong! Tai Chi Quan literally translated means Grand ultimate fist! And was originally developed by martial arts masters as the highest level of training.

Our Yang and Chen style Tai chi form is unique to the Master Wong system. Although our Tai Chi can be learned mainly for the health benefits, the philosophy of Master Wong Tai chi is that truth about the hand position is revealed by its use in combat application the way you position you body is correct if you can to truly use your stance in combat.

Wing Chun Courses

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Who is Tai chi suitable for?

Tai chi is suitable for males and females of all ages. It can be a benefit to the elderly to improve mobility, to people with minor illnesses, to those who may find other forms of exercise difficult and for anyone who wants to improve their health.

Can I learn at home?

Yes, we have produced downloadable training courses so you can learn at home or anywhere in the world.

If I choose a class do they cater for beginners?

Yes, all classes cater for beginners through to intermediate and advanced levels. To find a class in your area check the  class information section.

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable cloths are best so you can move freely and light shoes so you can feel the ground beneath your feet and find it easier to balance.


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